B3C Ethanol 2 Stoke Oil-100ml





  • 2-in-1 formulation provides customer convenience and savings
  • OEM tested and verified
  • Stabilizes Fuel up to 1 Year, Protects Against all Ethanol Issues
  • Triple Antioxidants Stop Fuel Decay
  • Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Bonds 2 Stroke Oil to Fuel; Stops Lean Seizures
  • Reduces Lacquer and Varnish Build Up
  • Protection Against Ring Wear and Sticking, Conditions Rubber and Plastic
  • Meets or Exceeds ISO L-EGD and FD Certification
  • 2013 Dealer’s Choice Award Winner (Power Equipment Traded Magazine)

Ethanol Shield 2-Stroke Oil is the solution where standard 2-Stroke Oils fail, offering the ultimate in engine protection! Ethanol Shield 2-Stroke Oil is the “bridge” that bonds fuel, Ethanol and water, preventing phase separation and the associated problems. This 1-gallon, 50:1 mix ensures the most protection on the market today for any 2-Cycle engine, including string trimmers, blowers, snowmobiles, chains saws, and more. Ethanol Shield 2-Stoke Oil provides 2 exceptional products at a cost comparable to “average” 2-Stoke Oils with the convenience of ease of use (no measuring, no need to add additional additives).



Preventative Maintenance Formula

Acts as a fuel preservative by adding antioxidants into the fuel because ethanol blended fuel (E-10) is rich in oxygen and acts as a fuel catalyst by keeping the hydrocarbon chains short, preventing the fuel from decomposing prematurely.

Removes Water

Envelopes water molecules, preventing bonding with ethanol. By enveloping the water, it now passes harmlessly through the fuel system, including all filters and screens, to be vaporized in the combustion chamber.



Prevents Ethanol Phase Separation

Water removal prevents phase-separation which leads to the corrosive effects of ethanol.

Contains Rubber & Plastic Conditioners

Dual lubricants condition the rubber and plastic components, and rejuvenate and protect the rubber gaskets and seals that may have been dried out from ethanol.

Usage Instructions
Add Ethanol Shield 2-Stroke Oil to gasoline.


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