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  • Venom 22ton log splitter

Log Splitter Specialists

Rock Machinery Ltd was established in 2011 with the goal of designing, building and supplying high quality garden machinery to the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. We are a family run business, who particularly specialise in log splitters. Our Venom range has advanced beyond our wildest dreams, and is quickly becoming a leader in the industry. We have strived to enhance all of our ranges, and year after we have developed our products to provide consumers with the best possible products, this is reflected by our recent award of runner up at the Scottish Rural Awards.

Here at Rock Machinery we pride ourselves on our after care service, with our competitive warranties and spare part service you will never be left short. If you have any questions or inquires regarding any of our products or services, please get in touch, one of our specially trained staff will be happy to help.

Buying With Confidence.

All of our products are fully guaranteed and we have been building and shipping products to all areas of the mainland UK since 2011. We also ship to the Scottish Highlands and Islands, Northern Ireland, Eire and Europe and we are happy to provide shipping quotes for all destinations. Ordering is safe and easy, either order online from our website, by telephone to place an order or visit us at our offices Monday Friday 9pm to 5pm.Products can either be shipped crated, requiring some self-assembly or fully built with PDI and fully tested. All payments are safe and secure, we accept most major credit/debit cards and Paypal.

Larger products are shipped through a nationwide pallet service and delivery for all orders is usually within 24 hours. Please contact our dedicated sales team to discuss your requirements and stock availability.


When it comes to log splitters, Rock Machinery know exactly what we are talking about! Our Venom Log Splitters are the best in the business and are great value. Out log splitters can chop up logs like butter!

Log splitters will save you 100s of hours a year of manual labour and can, of course, be used for commercial use. Having a great performing log splitter can really improve your business and of course, will improve production and decrease business costs.

Our log splitters can be purchased online and delivered fully assembled so all you have to do is add wood!

Just head over to our log splitter page and buy online.

What Our Customers are Saying

  • Sam Parrott

    Very pleased with log splitter. It appears well made and effective. Tested it out with some very difficult beech and it preformed very well. We used to hire a similar machine from a different manufacturer and the one big difference when using the venom it is a lot less prone to ejecting difficult shaped logs when you try to split them. Good value for money, very pleased I brought it. - 25ton Tractor Mounted

  • harrison tree services

    We’ve had one of these machines for 2 years.
    Simply brilliant little grinder.
    We work primarily in north London and are often in need of a restricted access machine. We have carried this grinder across Indian sandstone terraces to prevent marking, through houses and up staircases.
    The machine is easily lifted by 2 onto a truck and fits into the back of a small van.
    As for what it can do. Well we have ground dead oak nearly 4 ft diameter ( check out photo on Arb talk. harrison rock machinery stump grinder thread )
    The secret with this machine is be patient and use a bit of finesse as apposed to brute strength + it will serve you well.
    As for maintenance, change the teeth, tighten the belt, grease the cutter wheel bearings, change the oil if your feeling fancy. The bearings last for ages.
    Down sides….. Your mates and colleagues will tell you it can’t be good because it’s not a rayco 😀.
    Don’t listen. This machine makes us money, is easy to use+doesn’t let us down.
    Rock have been great to deal with. Highly recommend these folks.

  • Mark Jacks

    Bought this model splitter recently and had it shipped out to Greece where I live .Well impressed with the build quality . The machine is well balanced easily moved around . fuel consumption I found to be excellent . Every bit of wood that was put to it was split with ease . I now have a redundant axe for sale . Great job Rock machinery and many thanks to now making my working life a lot easier. Mark Jacks Labrador Tree Services , Corfu Greece. - 22ton venom log splitter

  • Rob Dalton

    I bought this machine a couple of months ago ready for the post harvest logging frenzy. I had it out and put a few logs through it to see how it went on; and more to the point to see how I would go on with the machine, all seemed fine. Then came the first big day which we would have to split 4 big loads on the tractor tipping trailer. For many years I had used the Hydra-crack log splitter which had served me very well and I was hoping the new Venom was going to be worth the money? As it happens it was well worth the money for 2 very good reasons; 1 it was even faster than the Hydra-crack and so much easier on the back. We had a mixed load of timber, oak, ash, hawthorn, cherry and sycamore; all were split without any being put on the “to be chain sawed” pile. There was 1 small issue with the rack not returning, but that was down to user error and not greasing a bearing. Thanks Campbell for the over the phone advice.
    This machine gets 10 out of 10 from me and I am looking forward to splitting the next loads.

  • Julia & Andrew

    We needed a log splitter after being given a massive felled beech tree. Knew about the Venom range, but not which model to buy. We decided on the 12 tonner. What a fantastic bit of kit. So far it has split about 5 tons of logs, some of which were hideous knotty twisted monsters. The Venom took anything in its stride. I would like to add that we run it on half revs and it hardly faltered at all, doesn’t use much fuel either and we only run on full for the big 3 foot diameter meaty chunks. This machine far exceeds our expectations and has been well worth the money – superior build quality and simple to use. Get yourself a Venom! Many thanks to Rock Machinery for quick and efficient delivery and help.

  • Lynne & Tim

    Just to let you know what a superb piece of machinery your recently-purchased Venom 22 ton log splitter is. Not an exaggeration to say it has transformed our lives where log preparation is concerned. It has effortlessly worked through piles of timber in a fraction of the time taken to do by hand, and split logs otherwise unusable through being too hard or too knotty - wood that an axe just bounces off. It is far more cost-effective to run than a chainsaw, and has allowed us to utilise all our available timber. It was well worth paying to have delivered assembled and ready to go - just wheeled it out, checked it over and started working. Excellent product and service; thank you very much. Kind regards, Lynne & Tim

  • TMS

    Love this machine. Well built and plenty of power to split the logs that used to need the saw put through them. A few small criticisms, if you use the splitter horizontally without the log cradle attached, the reflectors on the tyre guards don't last long. My ram seemed to be a bit temperamental and I thought it might be the spool valve not letting enough oil through. After playing about a bit I found out that the control levers were a bit "sloppy". After disassembling the levers and tightening everything up the splitter is now performing spot on.

  • Keith

    Very impressed with the Blitz mower. Cut through dense rushes without any hesitation. Field had not been cut for approximately 50 years. Previously have struggled to cut smaller rushes in other fields using smaller flail mower and even with tractor and cutter. Electric start, large petrol tank - good piece of kit. Excellent after service and pleasant, helpful staff. Keith

  • Chris Judd

    Paid for this as a pre order in mid Feb and the Splitter was despatched last week(18/3). Transport Co could only deliver if there was a smooth surface to run up the Pallet truck which we do not have ? I therefore had to collect from their Depot a fond trip of 25 miles with my Ifor Wiliams ! Once back home and cracked open the crate all went together well, the central beam however is a meaty item so was quite tricky to manouvere even but once you get the wheels on its much easier ! It took a very careful 3 hours to assemble! After filling up with the hydraulic and engine oil it started first time and it works a treat. Nothing I have put in the jaws of death has beaten it yet. I love the piston stop action ! I had hired several types before but this beats them hands down for compactness, manouverability and sheer power ! Thanks

  • William Rogers

    After much research and hours watching You tube,I decided the 12 ton splitter was the machine that I would buy. The buying process was straight forward and the machine was delivered onto my garage by the driver of the delivery lorry. I have some mechanical knowledge, and the assembly of the machine is relatively simple. With the correct oil's and fuel added the engine started second pull. I had recently used a tractor mounted splitter at my sons, and doubted that the rock machinery splitter could match the power of that machine, I should not have, as the 12 ton splitter pushed its wedge through every log it was asked to. This included some logs of Elm that I had given up trying to split with a Maul, and some very fibrous large rounds of Poplar. The machine is simple and safe to use, on my return from a few days working away, my wife was proud to show me a large pile of logs that her and the rock had split In summary an excellent machine!

  • Stefan Cegielski

    Since I purchased this 22 tonne log splitter I have split all types of wood. It has not failed on anything that I have thrown at it no matter how tough. I would recommend it to anyone. If you want to see it in action I am based in South Wales ( you can get my details from Rock )

  • Hugh

    Hi, After many moments looking at splitter on Utube and looking all kinds, of over priced & under engineered junk I bought this 20t splitter, it's nearly a year old. This machine is a serious bit of kit. I've been splitting dry sycamore logs which give way with a resounding crack at time, this machine does not struggle with this stubborn wood. Only one thing to look out for: The exhaust and the hose from the pump 'keep it clear' I bolted a 28mm plastic pipe clip to the air filter cover, this keeps the pipe away from hot exhaust. I still give it 10/10

  • Christopher W

    I bought our Venom 22 ton log splitter in January and we have used it regularly since then. It is a great piece of kit and handles anything you throw at it, with ease. It is easy to operate and well balanced, making the transition between vertical and horizontal use very simple. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone; it is a first class splitter and Rock Machinery is great to deal with, especially James.

  • NickNick

    Bought ATV Front Basket as Im fed up with various tools and leads etc being left on the front of the quad also bought the rear drop baskets as well. Really great high quality material, seem sturdy and well made and really really useful. Price is great too. Easy to fit, but easier with 2 people!

  • ScottScott

    I picked 12 Ton VENOM Compact Log Splitter up on Friday morning and over the weekend split 6 tonnes of wood. Has made short work of an old and knotted ash tree. So much better than the cheap 5t electric splitter I inhereted. Appears to be a very well engineered machine. Im glad I bought a proper machine.